„NOW, as I was about to….“

Photo by: Brückenfestival

In the performance „NOW, as I was about to….“, 4 dancers, 10 singers, 1 choir conducter, 1 pianist*performer, 1 composer*live-electronicist and 1 complexity scientist*performer create moments of the present. The swinging, falling, tilting, catching, circling, searching, flowing in, around, through and in the NOW manifests itself in audio-corporeal spaces – near and far, dense and porous, interrupted and continuous, eternal and fleeting….


Picture of Spem performance
Photo by: Raino Rapottnig

TANZ AM FLUSS Aus der Serie Strich/Figuren I-IV der Cie. Of(f) Verticality

Choreographia[Inter]Austriaca und Altenberg Trio — Performance

Photo of the Dance Ensemble Choreographia[Inter]Austriaca
Photo by: Constantin Georgescu

"Die Abonnementkonzerte Wels sind für Oberösterreich ein Geheimtipp für zeitgenössische Musik, wo neue Klänge mit Etabliertem in Verbindung gesetzt werden. Der experimentelle Gedanke wird durchaus weiter gefasst. So war beim Konzert im Veranstaltungszentrum Minoriten Wels am Donnerstag nicht nur das Altenberg Trio Wien zu Gast, sondern auch "Choreographia[Inter]Austriaca", ein Tanzensemble von Rose Breuss. Man widmete sich einem sehr eigenwilligen Werk von Bernd Alois Zimmermann, das 1961 als Concerto scénique uraufgeführt wurde und fünf Jahre später als konsequente Weiterentwicklung zum Ballet blanc en cinq scènes "Présence" mutierte. Es ist als Schlüsselwerk einer ganzen "Epoche" zu verstehen. Choreografin Rose Breuss setzte die "Eiswüste der Töne" in eloquente Gesten um. Dadurch wurde die Musik kontrapunktiert und doch wurde ganz eng auf sie reagiert."

schreibt OÖNachrichten

Photo of the Dance Ensemble Choreographia[Inter]Austriaca
Photo by: Constantin Georgescu

Conducting Spaces — Ars Electronica

Lux Aeterna performance ... collection before the performance.
Photo by: Leonhard Horstmeyer

Ignition Lab — Kick-off Workshop

Kai is filmed by Hanne during the Boom experimentation Lab in Vienna on Third of September 21
Photo by: Leonhard Horstmeyer

Workshop — A Syntax for Smooth Spaces

How can we construct notational systems of spaces and what do we demand from them? In this workshop, we would like to pursue this question from a performance, as well as a complexity science perspective, and lay emphasis on the experiential dimension rather than the bare physical description. At the same time, we explore various synergies with the work of the CSH. How can we build virtual or artificial spaces? How can virtual spaces help to investigate space experiences? How can notational systems be developed, also beyond a written encoding? In the audio-corporeal arts, space is both shaped by performers as a medium, and shaping the performer as a condition. Despite its important role, notations and means of communicating spaces and their qualities are lacking. The 20th century has seen a range of notational systems for movement and dance, such as the Laban notation. The starting point of this workshop is a brief exposition of the notion of artistic research, followed by theoretical contributions and practical input from performers. The envisioned output is artistic research collaboration between the mdw (University for Music and Performative Art Vienna), the abpu (Anton Brucker Privatuniversität) and the Complexity Science Hub (CSH).

This workshop is in collaboration with the Complexity Science Hub Vienna

17.-18. June 2021
A Syntax for Smooth Spaces
1.-4. September 2021
Ignition Lab
11. November 2021
Günther-Zimmermann in Wels
12. November 2021
Günther-Zimmermann in Linz